Thursday, December 8, 2011

Do it Yourself FLS1: Customizing Your Aerospoke

Project "Medic," submitted by (Steve O)



So one sunny afternoon 2011, Steve O. got tired of looking at the dinged up paint job, on his 
"used to be" fresh white Aerospoke, from rippin it up all summer in SF. 
Being recently inspired by one of his good friends Ube, of (, 
he decided to go down to 1AM SF over on Howard St, to grab a couple cans of spray paint and let the designing on a budget begin. 2 days later the Medic Bike was born and dubbed thee by Mr. BLK PXLS himself ( within those 2 days of DIY'ing, SteveO said; "...I messed up a few times on the initial idea but I just ran with it , and it came out just right...+ I went to art school (lol)." 4 cans of spray paint, 2 rolls of tape, and 1 pack of multi-grade sandpaper later, The Fixed Lane Declares this project a definite Win for all the DIY'ers out there.

Feel free to hit Steve O up for any comments or goes a few more photos and until next time... 

"Just Keep Pedalin Bruh!"

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