Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Roda Gira - Abertura

Detroit Fixed (Pedal Heads)

Riding pontiac on the FGFS Bikes .. keepin DETROIT FIXED GEAR ALIVE from jon hughes on Vimeo.
Since Will and Shea left town we had to rep it for DPH and of course DFBS .. this was recorded the day after xmas .. DFBS X DETROIT PEDAL HEADS = dope !!!

Tyler Nakamoto February 2012 (age-14)

(just to let you know in the last clip he opens his strap)



Shot on Canon 500d with a 50mm Prime Lens.

Cut on Final Cut Pro

Colour with Magic Bullet.

Feiyue korea (FGFS)

Feiyue korea FixedGearFreeStyle

한국의 FGFS(FixedGearFreeStyle) Scene을 대표하는 Crew "PLANETHOPS"

한국 대표 프리스타일 픽시 팀 "PLANETHOPS" 와 Feiyue korea와 함께 제작한 영상